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One of the things which annoys me the most in politics is when I hear people, Muslims or non Muslims, saying that Zionism controls the USA and the British Monarchy or the UK.

They want to tell us that the British Empire, ruled by a thousand year old dynasty, which reached its military and economic peak in the 20th century, an empire that practically conquered the entire world, including Muslims, somehow had to yield to the requests of the Jewish people to build a state of their own in a time when the concept of state or country had become merely an administrative unit within the British Empire anyway.

They tell us that during WWI, when the British Empire and its European soldiers defeated the Ottoman Empire, somehow the British needed the help of the USA – never mind the fact that it was a republic under the rule of the British King; therefore, the Zionist lobby requested from the US President to impose on the British Monarchy to form a country for the Jewish people – as if these people were already living in Mars; hence the Balfour Declaration in 1917.

In order to convince us with such a fictional story, they tell us that Jews owned the banks, so the British King – who commanded a large army, had to beg them for money and in return he promised them a state. I wonder if the King had no power and no money, what kind of state was he able to promise to the Jewish people?

Moreover, when terrorists such as Mustafa Kamal, Ahmed Zogu, Enver Hoxha, Stalin or other British agents who were put in power by the British ruler, how come that they had no problem to confiscate the properties and money of the old elite, especially those who inherited wealth from the Ottoman Empire? It seems the British Empire had no problem confiscating the money of such people, but a handful of Jews or Zionists had the power to impose demands on the British King and his American viceroy, otherwise known as the US President.

What I’ve figured out recently is that the British politics treats us like idiots and fools. They circulate political ideas and theories that normally a lay person would feel embarrassed to talk about where the British politics has the capacity and the deceptive power to articulate things which are a complete lie, a joke or totally ridiculous, yet no one is able to point the finger at the King who is wearing no clothes.

The British Empire is a naked empire, but no one is able to tell the king that he’s wearing no clothes.

Going back to Israel and Zionism, we all know that it was the British Empire the one which formed the state of Israel as a strategy to keep Muslims under pressure, or perhaps to oust King Farouk I of Egypt from power; we all know that Jews were used and exploited by the British Empire – today no one remembers the crimes of this empire, but only the crimes of the tiny Israel; yet we continue to repeat the same lie: Zionism is using America and the British Monarch.


Sabri Lushi

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