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 A question for the corrupt prime minister of Canada, Mr. Justin Trudeau

by Kukes Post
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I have a question for the corrupt prime minister of Canada Mr. Justin Trudeau,

How come that you have the audacity to speak about other countries, such as China, that it is not a democracy, which, as we all know, it is ruled by a the British founded communist party, but you don’t speak about Canada?

Why don’t you speak about the corruption in the courts of law in this country?

Why don’t you speak about the corrupt and immoral judges of this country, who are the biggest threat to Canadians?

How come you don’t speak about the sheer amount of corruption in the economic system, where employers – private or public, bosses, hiring managers, and corporate boards of directors are spies and agents of the Government?

What kind of democracy are you talking about in Canada? How can Canada be a democracy when courts of law are totally corrupt and employers are controlled informally by the corrupt government?

Like China, Canada is not a democracy. Canada does not respect free speech and does not cherish the principle of freedom. Canada is a corrupt and mafia state, run on a spy and secret based political system.

Like China, Canada is a one-party-state except that that political party which rules the country is divided into some two or three branches.


Sabri Lushi

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