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A modern state, different from classical monarchies and other despotic forms of government, is supposed to belong to all citizens. Secularists claim that they offer the best of government – of the people, by the people, for the people.

In reality, this is just propaganda. The ruling elite, in Canada or elsewhere, treat the government as a private property. The government has the power to hire agents, offer secret deals, use public property, prosecution service can strike deals with criminals, courts can offer a deal, jobs are offered as a deal, licenses are granted as deals, so behind the scenes there is a fully secret government operating while the formal one is no more than a facade.

If the government or the state is treated as a private property, as it is the case in Canada, why do we have rules then? Why all this propaganda? Why all this legal system?

That’s why most of the people don’t know laws, they don’t bother to know them because things are done behind the scene. It is the government itself that encourages people to bypass the laws.

If things are done secretly behind the scenes – deals, jobs, favors, money, licenses etc., on what criterion then are the natural resources distributed?

It is absolutely a shame that countries such as Canada are run like mafia, yet they still preach democracy and the rule of law. It is despicable.


Sabri Lushi


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