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In the western countries, which are ruled by despotic Secularist governments, such as in the corrupt Canada, having a job or generally having access to natural recourses is draconically controlled by the government and its large army of secret agents. Therefore, getting a job does not depend on one’s qualifications and abilities to work; rather, it is a political decision.

The undercover government – not necessarily the official one, wants to make sure where the money goes and who is benefitting from the government.

If you’re a Muslim and you’re trying to cling to your religion and your principles, you’re exactly the target of the government. As a result, the mafia state will make sure that you will not have access to any financial and economic means because this is considered a support for your ideology – religious or political.

In Canada, for example, the government pushes ahead its shameful and unjust agendas secretly and informally by controlling jobs and financial means. No one who is not ready to push ahead the secret governmental agendas is allowed to live a normal life.

On the other hand, the government uses its secret ways of implementing all this evil agenda while officially it maintains a good posture. Officially, the Canadian Government is a democratic entity, where people are equally before the law, where the agendas of the government are public and have to be passed by the voted representatives.

In reality, the western secularist governments, such as the corrupt Canadian Government, operate absolutely like mafia. They are like an iceberg whose unseen part is ninety percent and the rest is the official part.

When the Canadian Government carries out its corrupt and secret agendas, especially related to jobs, religion, money, financial means etc., everything is made secretly and the agents and spies of the government make to convinced the targeted people that there is no organized war against them. If you’re not successful, perhaps this is because you’re unfortunate or perhaps there are other reasons.

In short, a government that runs on spies, secret agents, secret agendas, and whose control is absolute, that government cannot be democratic regardless of its claims. That government is evil, immoral, and despotic. That’s exactly the case of the corrupt Canadian Government.


Sabri Lushi

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