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We all are guilty of superficiality. Appearance is very powerful. It distracts us. Whether because our brain is designed to be lazy or perhaps because of other useful functions, we are inclined to blame the frontliners more than their masters. Indeed, this could be one of our flaws as human beings.

In fact, going beyond the appearance or digging into the depth is in and of itself a challenge. It requires energy and persistence and willpower. Both the religion of Islam and true science encourage people to think of the unseen world, to think of the reasons behind a natural phenomenon, and to try to give an explanation which contradicts our first simplistic impressions. Believing in the unseen is a fundamental principle of the religion of Islam. The desire and curiosity to know the unseen lie at the foundation of scientific discoveries as well as they are necessary for the believer to reveal and recognize the hidden meanings of the divine message.

Going back to the state of Israel and all its crimes and political fuss, this infamous project cannot be understood correctly unless we raise questions and go past the surface.

All too smartly, the British Empire at the peak of its political success has divided the world into states and blocs while withdrawing its name the public appearance, and it has put into every state a puppet of its own, who fights for the British Monarchy, who kills for the powers it be, yet we the masses fall exactly into this trap.

We all know that officially the world was conquered by the British Empire. We all know that only when the British Empire conquered the world, the League of Nations was formed in 1920, which was replaced then by the UN, otherwise a league of nations or the concept of international law would have had no meaning.

We all know that Israel was formed by the British Monarchy. We all know that it was the army of the British king who took Jerusalem from Muslims. We all know that Jews are a very small nation compared to Muslims, especially after WWII when they were at their lowest pollical power, let alone to have the ability to fight wars.

Yet, contrary to what our religion teaches us, we Muslims blame soldiers and focus on the appearance. This is exactly the reason why the British Empire formed a Jewish state in the middle of the Muslim world, so we could focus on the facade and forget the true enemy.

The true enemy of Muslims today is the British Monarchy; it is the US Government; it is the UK Government. Jews in Israel are merely powerless puppets and useful idiots used and exploited by the British Monarch and the US Government. Therefore, every child, man or woman killed in Palestine, it is a crime which hangs on the neck of the British King and the US Government. It is the masters who give the orders, not the powerless Jewish soldiers who are being exploited as useful idiots by western inhumane masters, i.e., the British Monarchy and the US Government.

Sabri Lushi


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