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To the surprise of many, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia had special relations with the USA in the 1990s when the former embarked on the old British Empire’s mission to kill innocent people and cleanse the Balkans of Muslims. The bilateral relations between the Yugoslavian political elite and the US Government was so special and unique that it culminated with Milan Panić – the US citizen – becoming the prime minister and minister of defense of the the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1992-1993) in a very important time.

For those who are not well aware of the international law and the political foundations of a modern independent country recognized by the UN, the constitution and the laws of a country do not allow to become the prime minister of that country someone who is at the same time the citizen of another country. Even, let us say, countries such as Canada, the USA, and the UK, which have special political relations among themselves, do not allow citizens of one another to hold the position of prime minister or president. This only makes sense because otherwise the whole concept of independence would mean really nothing.

Nonetheless, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was so much controlled by the USA that it was considered de facto a military base of the latter; for this reason, by appointing a US citizen as its prime minister and minister of defense, especially during the time when America was planning to commit religious genocide in the Balkans against Muslims, was not a political problem at all.

The truth of the matter is that the Principality Serbia, or later the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, has never been an independent country, nor does it have a national identity. Serbia was formed by the British Empire, and served as a military base for the American and British soldiers in the long war against the Ottoman Empire.

In fact, in the 19th century both the Principality of Serbia and the Principality of Greece were founded and led politically by relatives of the British royal family, as both were merely British military bases.

Milan Panić shows unequivocally that the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was controlled by the US Government. He also shows that Slobodan Milošević was indeed an American puppet and agent.

Milan Panić shows that the war against Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo was not the consequence of a crazy man, i.e., Slobodan Milošević, but a well-planned American and British war against Balkan Muslims as part of their long mission to cleanse the peninsula religiously.

In the 1990s, the butcher of the Balkans was not the CIA agent Slobodan Milošević, but the true butcher was the US President Bill Clinton, and their butchery against Muslims is not done yet, nor their crusade to cleanse the Balkans religiously.

Sabri Lushi

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