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Even though as a Muslim I don’t celebrate Christmas, it is not appropriate at all to disrespect other people’s celebration and joy. Christians in America and around the world celebrate the birth of Christ regardless of the historical and theological accuracy of the event. Yet, the message of Christmas on this day is something that we support.

I actually watched the message of the Canadian Prime Minister who said, “For Christians, it’s also a time to celebrate the birth of Christ and the values he embodied – values like compassion, kindness, and hope. And while the story of Christ is being celebrated by Christians tonight, these values are universal. The holiday season is an opportunity for us all to bring comfort, joy, and light to those who need it most. So, let’s love our neighbors as we love ourselves, and find strength in our differences. Let’s give back and extend a helping hand to those who’ve fallen on hard times. And let’s share the warmth of the season with those who are spending the holidays alone this year. That is not just the true spirit of Christmas – it is also the true spirit of Canada.

More or less, this is the common message of all western leaders, that Christmas is a time to celebrate the most essential values: peace, kindness, hope, light, and loving others as we love ourselves.

However, when we see what is taking place in Gaza, in the region where Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) was born and grown up and spread his message, in the holy land, the message of such western Christians about peace and the celebration of human values is no more than empty words, not to say a sheer hypocrisy.

Killing children is not a matter of statistics and numbers, but principles. Even if one child is killed unjustly, those who are politically responsible should know that they have failed until they bring the criminal before justice.

“That is why We ordained for the Children of Israel that whoever takes a life—unless as a punishment for murder or mischief in the land—it will be as if they killed all of humanity; and whoever saves a life, it will be as if they saved all of humanity.1 ˹Although˺ Our messengers already came to them with clear proofs, many of them still transgressed afterwards through the land.” – says the Quran in strong condemnation to the Cane’s crime; he killed Able. Technically, Cane killed humanity.

Yet, today Israelites and Christians show no respect for human life, no regard for children’s innocence, and no reverence for the sanctity of life itself. Today they are killing Palestinian Muslim children, but nothing will prevent the US Government and other western governments from killing and murdering other children tomorrow.

Because of the greed of such vicious western politicians, the Children of Gaza have no hope, no light, and no future except that God’s mercy is big and it will never cease.

Jesus was on the side of the oppressed, not oppressors.


Sabri Lushi

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