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Speaking of the modern history, the British Empire, and all the evil that we witness today is not a laughing matter. In fact, it is a very difficult task given the fact that history is written by those who hang the heroes. Not only have the British Secularists written the official version of history, but their campaign to distort the truth, to hide facts, and to confiscate artifacts and historical evidence has caused perhaps irreversible damage to human civilization, and this is just the tip of the iceberg of the British evil.

In this regard, history can be understood by doubting its official version, by taking into consideration the morality of people at this particular time – that they lie and deceive, and all the political interests of the ruling elite, i.e., the British Secularists and the British Monarchy.

We can say with certainty that the institutionalization of evil and its adoption as the official religion has started with the rise of the British Empire. What are the factors that led to the success of this empire and what made it dominate the rest of the world, this is a totally different topic. The reasons, for example, could consist of a combination of objective factors and coincidence, too.

The evolution of evil could have started with the a serious retreat and the decadence of the Roman Catholic Church. Black Death could have been another factor. The decline of the Islamic civilization definitely has contributed a great deal to the rise of the British Evil.

Besides, the expansion of the Evil Empire in the rich American continent has been probably the underpinning factor which led to its political and economic advancement.

Then, the evolution of evil continued with the formation of the American Republic, a political system which was unprecedented in the whole human history. For the first time, the political power was hidden while the British Monarch started to assume an undercover political position. I think that the formation of the US Republic made the British Evil unfettered and a serious threat to the world.

The British Evil baffled the world by bringing down soon after the French Monarchy and by executing King Louis XVI in 1793. Thus, the British Empire embarked on its serious journey to rule the world. The mission was accomplished in 1924 when the final Islamic caliphate, i.e. the Ottoman Empire, was abolished.

Today, the British Evil has morphed into hundreds of governments and international institutions. It has become the normal, the system, and the encompassing politics. It rules the world militarily, economically, politically, and ideologically. This evil – its barbaric laws, evil Secularism, the corrupt ideology, injustice, social degradation, immorality, deception, extremist pragmatism etc., has evolved into a cancer that is killing human society.

Confronting the British evil is not the task of Muslims alone; rather, it should be the job of us all.

Sabri Lushi

January 2024


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