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Every empire has an official religion or a philosophy which is used as an ideological foundation of its political and cultural aspects. As we all know, the religion of the British Empire is Secularism, which actually is a modern version of the ancient paganism, but it is one of the most corrupt and radical versions of paganism.

The British Secularism operates on lies. I don’t know any other political system or previous civilization to have employed or adopted the concept of lying as much as this British pagan religion.

Perhaps, the Egyptian pharaoh symbolized a political system which had institutionalized the concept of lying and deception, hence the employment of magicians. However, the pharaoh’s case was different. His power was local and the Egyptian civilization was not global no matter how much advanced it was compared to other regions of the world. Also, the government of that time didn’t have access to the media or means of communication the same way that our Secular governments have.

For this reason, the British Secularism is not simply more corrupt than the ancient Egyptian political system, which had institutionalized the concept of lying and the art of deception, but it is more dangerous.

For the first time in human history, we are ruled by a ruthless political system, i.e., the British Secularism, which holds global power. It controls the media, the economy, the global politics, the military, the academia, universities, schools, businesses, scientific research, and it holds more or less the monopoly on information. Thus, it is a very powerful political system whose influence is beyond imagination.

As the famous saying goes, “power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This is the case of the British Secularism. It holds absolute power while its corruption has reached the extreme.

The British Secularism has deteriorated completely. It has become the symbol of lying, deception, dishonesty, backstabbing, immorality, exploitation, delusion, extremism, corruption, debauchery, and evil.

Secularism has reached a stage when it only lies and deceives. One can never trust a Secularist. In fact, I am afraid that Secularists cannot even trust themselves.

Secularism is seeking to cling to power like leeches. It is seeking simply to control people, to lie to them, to pass another day or night, to keep them waiting – waiting and waiting, because Secularism has no solution and no capability to address honestly any issue. It is a vicious ideology.

The British Secularism is resorting to propaganda and drugs – literal drugs, to merely intoxicate people as it cannot solve any problem. In fact, Secularism is the problem. It is destroying everything: society, economy, environment, morality as well as it is polluting human souls with its opiate.

The sooner the British Secularism and all the corrupt institutions of the British Empire disappear, the better for us.

Sabri Lushi

January 2024


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