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Arguably, the British Empire has been one of the most successful political powers in spreading political ideas and affecting the world negatively. The whole political landscape of the world today is but the result of the British Empire. Wherever the British have ruled, they’ve sowed the seeds of evil.

First, the British have divided people in every corner of the world they’ve ruled. They have mastered the art of dividing citizens by using any strategy or methodology possible, such as racism, nationalism, color, gender, political discourse, language, and religion. Whatever divides people, the British have promoted it, and they’ve been extremely successful in this.

Second, the British have spread the evil of paganism and they continue to support this devilish idea in every country. I believe it is a big mistake to consider Christianity as the religion of the British Monarchy or the British Empire. These western barbarians have revived all the pagan rituals, sects, ideologies and the customs of ignorance in every country, and they continue to do the same to this very day. The rise of the British Empire and the American Republic has led the rise of the paganism around the world.

The reason is very simple: these western barbarians do not intend to bring peace and prosperity to the world, or to bring justice. On the contrary, their goal is to exploit nations, to steal their natural resources, to oppress others, to keep them in darkness, and the best ideological way to facilitate this evil goal is by spreading paganism.

Third, another evil seed which the British Empire has sowed, and which the American Government continues to nourish and water it, is the destruction of family and the fabric of society. In order to serve their evil whims and desires of exploitation and political power, the British barbarians and the American pagans have destroyed the institution of family as a necessary measure to rule people much easier.

Through a sophisticated political campaign, propaganda, the introduction of new laws, by role models, and the promotion of the wrong people, and by spending billions of dollars, the US Government and the British Monarchy have de facto gotten rid of the concept of family and kinship ties altogether.

Thanks to the British Evil Empire, family has no more political power, especially in the class of slaves – which is the majority of people and nations. We are all individuals in front of law. Anyone who attempts to build intra-family connections, doing so by bypassing the state, that’s considered dangerous by the government.

Last, the British Empire has established a political system around the world which operates as mafia and relies heavily on spies and secret relations with people. It is exactly the opposite of the concept of the rule of law, democracy, transparency and governmental institutions.

We are harvesting today what the British evil people have planted before.

Sabri Lushi

January 2024


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