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Naturally, the enemy is the one who has power. People are not oppressed by laymen, but by those who have political or military power except in this modern time – the enemy is a layman, perhaps someone from Afghanistan who cannot even find America on the map. The enemy could be a Muslim, who happened to be part of a group, of course a group that was already formed by the intelligence service, and America of bombs and fighter jets and of $850 billion dollars a year military budget feels threatened.

Indeed, in this time and age everything is upside down, including enemies and victims. Wolves are the victims while lambs have become a threat. This is pretty much what America tells us, and this is exactly what London has been propagating for decades.

Actually the concept of the forgotten enemy reminds us of two things: the Devil and the British Empire, .i.e., the US Government and the British Monarchy. Both stay undercover; they both prefer to hide or keep low profile when destroying. Also, both the Devil and the British monarchic political mafia are masters of avoiding political responsibility. The most stunning similarity is that both the Devil and the US Government lie all the time, deceive, betray, backstab, and even kill their own citizens, I mean, the latter.

One of the descriptions that the Quran gives about Satan is, “And ever is Satan, to man, a deceiver.”

Again, we all know that the power is held by the US Government and the British Monarchy. This is an official fact, not political propaganda. In 1920s, the British Empire reached the peak of its political success, especially after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, which opened the way for the Empire of Secularism to rule the world.

However, the British Empire, in other words, the British Monarchy and the US Government, has managed to keep a unique public image, combining the political presence with a masterly crafted undercover role, thus making it a very dangerous political power.

Consequently, even though we know that the global political power is held by America and the UK (the British Monarchy), yet we fail to point the finger at them. They have bewitched and hypnotized us. They’ve convinced us that the US Government and the British Monarchy are saving us from imaginary enemies. They even killed their own citizens on September 11, 2001, but they told us that a dozen or so CIA agents took America hostage.

Yes, we have forgotten the real enemy, which is the elephant in the room all the time. The enemy is the British Empire – the thief of nations. The enemy is the US Government, which kills innocent people and steals the legitimate wealth of others. The enemy is the British Monarchy, but we’ve neglected them. We are completely oblivious of such vicious enemies.

The enemy is not laymen, but those who have the political and military power, and that is, the US Government and the British Monarchy.

Sabri Lushi

January 2024


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