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In a way, it is a special privilege to have the chance to know the truth about Canada, about the political reality of this country, about the monarch Charles III, about the Canadian laws, and about the vicious politics that this corrupt country plays.

In truth, Canada is an insidious despotism where the dictatorship of the ruling elite is the elephant in the room all the time, but because of the massive propaganda we – the people – fail to notice it. If one is the political target of the government, there is no mechanism to stop the ruling elite to attack citizens: whether by using the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), courts of law, judges, or even police officers, without mentioning the complex army of spies and agents which render the whole concept of democracy and freedom a joke.

In truth, Canada has no laws, no rules, no regulations or no legal mechanisms which would make it impossible for the government to attack people politically, to steal their money, and worse, ruin their lives. The very institutions or legal mechanisms which are meant to lie at the foundation of democracy are in reality the biggest hindrance to justice and democracy.

In truth, Canada is not a democracy, a country where the rule of law prevails, where the regulations and principles are given priority over the power of politics and secrecy; rather, it is a monarchic and despotic country, with a highly centralized political power and with an efficient hierarchical chain of command which goes all the way up to King Charles.

Speaking of Charles III, he is the core of the problem and the origin of the bulk amount of evil. Coming from a very old monarchic and ruling family, going back to a thousand years, he has inherited all the experience of political viciousness, the methodology, and the ability to cling on political power at any cost, including wars, genocides, murder of children and women, making despotic and oppressive laws, and above all, he has all the expertise and all political mechanisms to throw the stone and hide his hands – standing behind every crime and war and political persecution and never revealing himself. He’s a master of this political quality.

Apparently, Charles III claims not to engage in direct politics, a posting which he self-describes as titular, but de jury and de facto he holds all the political power. He authorizes the making of laws, he commands armies, he controls the economy, banks, the media and the international community. He can start wars and kill people, yet he maintains a very favorable image in the public.

Charles III is indeed the enemy of democracy, the enemy of human rights, the enemy of children, the enemy of women, and above all the vicious enemy of intellectuals and the freedom of speech. He cannot tolerate any trace of freedom given the fact that his crimes and the damage that his family has done to humanity cannot even be perceived by us.


Sabri Lushi

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