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Immigration from Europe and around the world to the New World, colonies, a mixture of different cultures and religions, capture of a large number of African free people by the British Empire and using them as slaves, exploitation of humans, a melting pot, and a unique human habitat for social and political experimentation, this is the history of America or the American Republic, known today as the United Sates of America.

The history of the USA is unique. It is the history of immigration, of all kinds of immigrants: slaves, weak people, out of poverty, struggling for a better life, escaping political or religious persecution, but all in all, people who left behind their history and identity and started a new life and assumed a new identity if any whatsoever.

The history of the USA is the elephant in the room. We see it all the time, yet we fail to notice it. The USA is the country of immigrants: people dissociated from their culture, people without tribal and family bonds, people who for the most part were found all of a sudden in a new far land as individuals – individuals who were vulnerable and easily exploitable for political and military purposes.

Perhaps, Israel resembles to a certain degree the history of the USA. People exploited by the British Empire, escaping political persecution, running for life, at the same time given financial incentives, and everything covered with the fake cause of religion or marching to Zion, this is exactly Israel, which replicates in many aspects the history of the USA.

Due to the mixture of people and becoming a melting pot, America has given a unique opportunity to the British Empire to experiment politically and militarily with the new society, by exploiting their political and social vulnerability in the new far land.

America has provided the perfect or optimal conditions for forming the first communist state, where ideas, politics, the social structure and the economic system have been easily imposed by the British Empire on the American melting pot.

Like Israel, America has been a military base of the British Empire, where people were taught and forced to live a lifestyle which served the Empire’s political interests the best.

The history of the American people is not the history of free people, but the history of soldiers, of people without identity who were taught communism, who fight wars for money, who lack identity and ideological values. Because of their history, the American people cannot be and they’ve never been patriots or nationalists. They are people without identity – soldiers who fight under the command of the British Empire.

The communist nationalism of America has been used as a war cry by the British Empire in order to exploit the vulnerable American society – people without a political or social identity – which is the definition of communism.

Sabri Lushi

February 2024


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