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I am very grateful to the Canadian Government for all the lessons that it has taught me, which otherwise it would have been not easy to learn the truth about many modern political phenomena.

Without dealing with the corrupt Government of Canada, I would have not been able to learn the truth about communism. Even though I come from a former communist country, that is to say, we have first hand experience of communism and post communism, it is hard to differentiate back home the political problems from cultural ones.

Canada, on the other hand, claims to be just the opposite. It claims to be a liberal democracy, with a liberal and free economy, with a high level of political transparency, with a legal system which guarantees justice, political and ideological freedom, and equality before law.

Not long after one lands in Canada and becomes part of this society realizes that Canada is not what it claims to be. This is only the first impression about this low profile country, and the first taste of the Canadian propaganda, which hides a much bitter political reality behind it.

When one deals with the legal system and the Canadian politics, which is an unavoidable process, soon or late, for any immigrant which is categorized as a political problem back home, it is at this stage when one learns the truth about Canada.

Canada is a communist country in the most literal meaning of the word.

The Canadian political system is highly centralized, with little to no delegation of power. Everything is de facto owned by the state or the members of the intelligence service (for the most part: former military officers): businesses, corporations, farms, universities, schools, including the control of the religious places of worship.

The political system of Canada relies heavily on the large army of the intelligence service and spies. Practically, every Canadian could be a spy or an agent of the government. For this reason, nepotism, corruption, political favors, inequality, political discrimination etc. flourish in Canada because such phenomena make it possible for the Government to control people and recruit them as spies.

Apart from jobs, workplaces, the media, the vast governmental administration, and so-called private companies, the Government controls above all the courts of law. Judges are trained agents and spies of the state whose primary job is to deal with politics, to do politics, to use their position for political purposes: to push ahead political agendas of the state. Every single court verdict, in Canada, is actually a political decision made by judges behind the closed door to serve a political purpose.

I personally would have never learned that communism came from the British Empire and that America was the first communist society in the human history without dealing with the corrupt Government of Canada.

Thank you, Canada!

Sabri Lushi

February 2024


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