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The US Republic is a democracy or the greatest democracy in human history. Slogans like this we hear a lot during US presidential election campaigns, in the media, universities, including sometimes in religious congregations. We hear them from politicians, TV pundits, professors, intellectuals, and we hear them from different kind of influential people online.

Listening to professional propagandists – politicians, journalists, political analysts, pundits, debaters, professors etc., what democracy is about is one thing, but listening to the real world people is a completely different thing.

That what democracy is about, we should listen to the millions of homeless American citizens. They can teach us the true meaning of democracy. They know it. They live it each and every day. They don’t read books or hear from TV talks about democracy. They are in the battlefield out there fighting and struggling to survive.

Homeless people are not some less fortunate individuals who merely run out of luck and life intolerably places them on the margins of society. No!

Homeless people in a country with a GDP of approximately 24 trillion US dollars, i.e. the USA, are the symptom of a failed society, a failed civilization, and a failed political system.

GDP, big corporations, private jets, large mansions, the biggest military in the world, numbers, statistics, slogans, elections, eloquent speeches and the likes mean nothing to the one who is sleeping on the streets of New York in the country with the largest GDP in the world. The society, laws, rules, courts, policies, political agendas and the government are so irresponsible and vicious that they consider homelessness an option and a possibility.

This is exactly America: the country of immigrants, the country of corrupt courts of law, the country of corrupt and unfair laws, the country of exploitation and founded on deception and lies and economic injustice.

How can one feel safe, secure, and happy in a country which considers homelessness an option?! Technically in America or Canada or any other democratic country, everyone could possibly one day end up as homeless because the fabric of society has been destroyed, people live as lone individuals, and the society lacks the most important values, such as cooperation, compassion, kindness, sincerity, and genuine respect for human beings.

This is America: the country of homelessness, the country which lacks the most basic values, and the country which regards people as animals or as some kind of machines that have only material values.

This is the corrupt America that many, many around the world look up to while in truth this country is the symbol of barbarism and human degradation.

Sabri Lushi



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