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Margaret Thatcher says: “Capitalism has a moral basis‘‘

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Margaret Thatcher says,

“Capitalism has a moral basis. The reason being that unless you have economic freedom, you will have no other freedom at all. So, the whole capitalist society has moral basis; the basis is that the individual is here to develop his or her talents. He cannot do that without political freedom and the economic freedom. The only kind of society under which you can do that is a capitalist society. To be free you have to be a capitalist. Every free society in the world is a capitalist society.”

I fully agree with the idea that without economic freedom, you will have no other freedom. This is crucial. Secularists understand this fact very well, and the British Empire understood it, too. That’s why all the political power of the British Rule is based on the economic control of the society.

The British laws, the form of governance, courts of law, the parliament, taxes, the intelligence service, the military, the police service, and the educational system, all of them revolve around the same objective: economic control.

It does not matter where you live: in the UK, in Albania, in the USA, in Europe, in the Middle East, or in Canada, you will face the same problem: economic oppression, control through jobs, control at the workplaces, confrontation with tax agencies, confrontation with the intelligence service, and confrontation with the courts of law, all of which intend to achieve one thing: political control through economic control.

Margaret Thatcher knew very well how to control people: it starts by controlling their economy and their businesses. That’s why if you want to live freely in Canada or in Albania, the government – especially the corrupt Canadian Government, starts with economic control, the control of jobs – no matter where you apply, no one will hire you, oppression by using courts of law, and political persecution through the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency). At the same time, the Government activates spies to threaten you.

The human history has never seen more hypocritical people and more dangerous that the British spies of politics such as Margaret Thatcher and her likes.

However, it is true that economic freedom is an important step towards political and ideological freedom; that’s why we should never rely on the Government; we should never trust the Government; we should never believe in the Government; we should try our best to avoid dealing with the Government, and we should consider the Government as the biggest enemy to freedom and dignity.


Sabri Lushi

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