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The world is watching carefully what is taking place in Palestine at the hands of western mercenaries, of people who have been grown up in the West, who have studied in the West – in the USA, in the UK, France, Canada and Germany, who represent the western values, and who have adopted the secularist morality at its best.

The western philosophers and thinkers taught us that Secularism is the way to go. “Let’s get rid of God in order to find peace,” they convinced us. They persuaded the masses that religion or the belief in God is the origin of all evil, and they assured us that if we get rid of religion – the opiate of the masses, as their fake prophet put it, the world will be a better place.

Those who are murdering children and women in Gaza are not people who believe in God. They are not following instructions of God, but they are acting upon the morality of the western secularism. They are secularists. They are the same people who have been deceiving us for more than two centuries.

Indeed, the morality of Secularism is on display in Gaza. We have the best chance to see who secularists are, what they believe, how they act, who they support, and what values they uphold.

Indeed, the morality of America, the UK, Canada, France, and Germany is on display in Gaza. We can see it. They cannot lie to us any longer. We can see what kind of people secularists are, how vicious and how polluted their souls have become.

In Palestine, it is not the Jewish people committing crimes, but Secularists. It is the support of America and the UK and their weapons causing this genocide. It is the direct support of Canada, France, Germany, Russia, and China for the secularist regime of Israel responsible for this horrible genocide.

The same America that is sponsoring this genocide, it will be the same one that might kill us tomorrow. The same secularists that are murdering the Muslim children in Gaza today are the same ones that rule us, lead us, make our laws, make our policies, and teach us in our universities.

In fact, if we look carefully at the overall morality of Secularism and its principles, what is taking place in Gaza does not surprise us whatsoever because such people, i.e., Secularists, have no moral values, no compass of morality, no fear of a higher authority, no purity of soul to reflect on the consequences of actions, and no boundaries that would bind them.

Secularists have been mocking religion over the last two centuries. They’ve been mocking God, and they continue to do so, but we have the chance to see who they are and what they represent.

Fighting wars is not what makes Secularists blameworthy, but murdering children and women and non combatants, respecting no rules, lying, deceiving, treating people worse than animals, and even having the audacity to blame the victim for this genocide is what makes them evil, and what makes us having serious doubts on their secularism.

Sabri Lushi

Independent Writer

May 2024


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