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Even though it is hard to define what’s going on in Ukraine, whether it is a conflict, a theater, a military operation, a war, or a fake war, we’ve seen so far that America is strong and it possesses powerful weapons. I am not talking here about its combat aircrafts, drones, bombs, tanks; nor am I referring to the nuclear button, which still has remained as a button only. I am talking about the US propaganda.

There is no doubt that the most powerful weapon the USA uses is propaganda. It has developed one of the most sophisticated forms of propaganda that can ever exist. It’s been one year that they are talking of a war in Ukraine, a war between Russia – a republic founded by the British Empire, and NATO – the army of the British Monarchy. Whether there are people being killed and how many, we don’t know. We don’t know the reasons. We don’t know the ulterior motives. We don’t grasp the politics behind.

Conventionally, when a war starts, there are two clear camps fighting against each other, and each of which knows exactly who they are fighting against and why they are killing, if killing is taking place at all in Ukraine.

A war is a war, not a military operation, as the British agent Putin describes it. Russia has gone to war to protect its interests, but it is not winning it. The USA is supporting the war and participating in it, but they cannot participate conventionally in it because they’re afraid of Putin, who might press the button. However, Putin will not press the button as long as America supplies Ukraine with weapons and money, but not with soldiers. Putin seems to be a man of principles.

Both camps are talking of a conflict that might last a long time. Conventionally, when an army goes to war, there are clear military objectives and strategies. Soldiers go to war to win and they fight in order to win. In the Russian-NATO conflict, which is taking place in Ukraine, the objective of the war is to keep it as long as possible.

The Ukrainian war is not a conventional war, the one that we all know. We don’t know exactly what’s going on. The American people don’t know why their President is involved in that special military operation. The Ukrainian war is not about ideas, ideologies and two different civilizations that are seeking to expand. Both Russia and America are the same. They believe in the same political ideology. Both are controlled by the same British Monarchy. Both are members of the UN.

In short, the Ukrainian war is strange. It is not conventional. The camps are not seeking to beat each other. What the true reasons of this war could be, we won’t be able to know, at least for now.

This war would have not been able to happen this way without American propaganda. American propaganda has proved to be a very powerful weapon. America has taken the concept of deception, lying, cheating, and covering up to the next level. They are masters of lies.

Sabri Lushi

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