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Perhaps many people thought over the last century that the West reached the pinnacle of human civilization. The technological revolution, high buildings and grandiose palaces, large and never-seen-before infrastructure, to the extent that the West was described by one of them as “the garden” while the rest of the world as a “jungle” made many Muslims even doubt Islam and its compatibility with the modern life.

In truth, apart from its beautiful façade, the West has been no more than an ornamented barbarism, a beast or a wild animal which has been hibernating, but whose fur has fatally deceived us.

Today, we can confidently say that the British Secularism – the underpinning political ideology of the West, has failed. It has shown us its true colors. It has proven to the world, or at least to the Muslim Ummah, that the British Secularism is a failed and dangerous ideology, which not only can it not reconcile with Islam, but it is jeopardizing the future of the entire world.

As we all are witnessing the genocidal tragedy which is taking place in Gaza these days at the hands of the corrupt and barbaric government of Israel – which serves as an American and British military base, we can say that the British Secularism is a political ideology that is guided by no moral principles, nor is it restrained by any moral code.

The uncivilized world of the West – led by the UK and the US Terrorist Government, is a barbaric world. It kills. I murders. I destroys. I kills women and children. The western Secularists are willing to do everything they can or resort to any means possible to achieve their devilish political goals and objectives, including the murder of women and children.

The Government of Israel, i.e., the US and British military base in the Middle East, has been arguing over and over again that, “we are killing and murdering only those women and children who are used as human shield.”

This is outrages and indescribable. Even if we agree for the sake of argument women and children are being used as human shield, is the their fault? Did they make the decision? In reality, terrorists and barbarians have no morality.

The truth of the matter is that this is not the first time the western barbarians are killing innocent women and children. The US Terrorist Government has been doing this all the time, such as in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia etc. The Canadian Government has done this in the past when it has killed indigenous women and children in the name of the British Monarchy. The British Empire has done this in Africa, in North American, in the Balkans, etc.

The westerners are barbarians. Nothing limits their criminal mindset. They have no morality. The Secular West breeds terrorism and destruction. Let’s not forget that every single terrorist organization has been formed and sponsored by the CIA, including the Israeli government.

Sabri Lushi


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