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As we are aware of, South Africa was applauded internationally and hailed for what it did, that is, it took Israel to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) under the accusation that its war in Gaza is a case of genocide. The country that until a few decades ago was ruled by an apartheid British regime, it proved to the world that it is matured enough to uphold the international law to the extent that even the US Government, Canada, and the UK are feeling threatened by this legal move, and in retaliation to this courageous act of SA, they cut the donation funds of UNRWA.

There is no doubt that such theatrical scenes couldn’t be better played. There must have been a very experienced Hollywood movie director to have orchestrated everything behind the scenes, otherwise I cannot explain how excellent the movie turned out to be.

The truth of the matter is that South Africa is a failed state, ruled by a British puppet government, which continues to serve the interests of the British Rule. It is not a coincidence at all that it was chosen this country to play the role of taking Israel to the ICJ, in a way, killing two birds with one stone: mitigate the reputational damage of Israel in the international arena, and address its domestic problems, by shifting the focus on the international matters.

Nevertheless, the biggest deception lies on the fact that the whole show had one main objective: to hide the true culprits of the war in Gaza, and, at the same time, reinforce politically the idea that Israel after all is a country, and it should be treated as such.

In reality, the war in Gaza is not a war carried out by Israel on its own, independently, and in accordance with its own national interests.

Israel is not a state or a country. Rather, it is a US and British military base that has been formed by the British Monarchy for various reasons, among which, to keep Muslims, especially their intellectuals, under constant political and military pressure, as well as using Israel and Jews as proxy in order to hide the position of the British Empire – the empire which brought down the Ottoman Empire and subjugated the Muslim nations at the beginning of the 20th century.

The political project known as “Israel” has proved to be a very beneficial one for the British Empire and the US Government. Instead of pointing the finger at the real enemy, which is the British Monarchy and the US Government, Muslims have been busying themselves with Israel and Jews.

In conclusion, South Africa is playing a very deceptive role by trying to protect the reputation of the British Monarchy and the US Government. If the Government of South Africa is genuinely interested in the freedom of the Palestinian people and wants to bring an end to the war in Gaza, this former British colony and the President Cyril Ramaphosa should take President Joe Biden and King Charles III to the ICJ as they are the true culprits of the war in Gaza.


Sabri Lushi

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