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Canada has provided for me the unique opportunity to learn some fundamentals truths about the origin of communism, the fake concept of the rule of law, and the harm of the British Monarchy which they are causing to world.

Even though it might sound as cliche, the way the Canadian politicians emphasize the concept of the rule of law, it almost makes one believe that other countries have no laws, as if only Canada has laws. In any case, the concept of the rule of law is not meant to refer to the fact that Canada has laws. Every country has laws, including North Korea and the Stalinist regime of the former Soviet Union.

What Canada is trying say, or rather deceive people about, is the idea that in this so called democratic country, laws prevail over political decisions and the orders of the ruling elite.

Laws are supposed to guarantee equality, protect people from political persecution, prevent the state from misusing the natural resources, prevent the state from stealing people’s properties and money, and above all, as it is stated in the Canadian Charters of Rights and Freedoms, laws guarantee freedom, the freedom of expression, and other political activity, such as the right of political disagreement.

Regrettably, I’ve come to realize that the Canadian political reality is diametrically opposed to what it claims to be, and perhaps to the surprised of many.

Canada is a rule of politics state. Politics and the subjective decisions of the ruling elite prevail over rules, laws, and regulation while the legal system is tailed to accommodate the rule of politics.

In Canada, court verdicts, taxes, jobs, investments, investigations, universities, promotions, licenses etc. are controlled by politics, are run by politics, and are done in accordance with political decisions, often on the case basis. Rules and laws are just a facade in Canada, especially in the courts of law. Every legal verdict by judges, for example, is coordinated first with politics, i.e., the British Monarchy and the ruling elite.

In addition, the Canadian Government consists of two major parts: the visible one, which is the legal system and the official government, and the second one, which is the invisible government. This second side of the government is the most important one and the largest part.

The Underground Canadian Government – the large army of governmental officials, spies, businessmen, hiring department managers, tax employees, journalists, judges, prosecutors, and many other categories, run the real show. This informal side of the government controls jobs, court verdicts, workplaces, and might be involved in crimes, blackmailing people, and spreading propaganda.

Now I understand why Canada overemphasizes the concept of the rule of law: to cover up the opposite, to cover up the horrible corruption and injustice.

Canada is a rule of politics country, indeed.

Sabri Lushi

February 2024


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