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Without knowing history, the human ideological struggle, the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt, and without a direct confrontation with the Government of Canada and its corrupt court system, it is not easy to reach a solid conclusion about what kind of political system this country applies.

Canada is not a democracy. De facto, people have no say in political matters whatsoever. This might be a surprise, but it is true – it is a verifiable fact. The whole political system, including the media, political parties, elections, and town hall meetings etc. are a one way communication: from top to bottom.

People are given the illusion of participation in the public debate and political opinions and sharing of ideas – this is what democracy is supposed to be, but that’s the way how the government imposes its despotic policies and oppressive and paganist political agendas on people.

This is not unique to Canada, indeed. In fact, the Quran narrates so explicitly this idea of the disbelievers for apparent cooperation and interaction with the ideological opposition, but just as a means of controlling people and rendering them ineffective in their struggle for a better change.

The Quran says, “So do not give in to the deniers (disbelievers in God). They wish you would compromise so they would yield to you.” Surah al-Qalam, 8-9.

Canada is a pagan political system, with a highly centralized political power and with a very rigid chain of political command. The ruling elite, starting from the Monarch – a pharaoh type of leader, do whatever they plan to achieve regardless of what people think.

The seemingly interaction of the ruling elite with the people is not a genuine discussion with them, receiving feedback, or a real examination of their needs and aspirations. Rather, it is a continuous process which intends only to impose ideas and policies of the ruling class, or better the Monarch – from top to bottom.

Canada is a highly centralized political system and a much more sophisticated than a classical dictatorship. The Canadian political paganism consists of a combination of lies, propaganda, nice sounding terminology, political tricks, political games, and above all, with the help of a highly advanced intelligence service to the extent that it is near impossible for the average person to understand the truth about the Canadian political paganism.

The Canadian political system seems so complicated and complex and distant from the ideological level of people that the average John or Ahmad or Miskwaadesi or Anwaatin cannot even start to analyze it because it looks mesmerizing and grandiose; therefore, the so-called Canadian democracy sounds good, vibrant, inclusive, and hypnotizing while in reality it can be deconstructed in much easier way that it seems: it is a corrupt, paganist, and top to bottom political system, much easier to fathom and understand.

Canada is paganism, not a democracy.

Sabri Lushi

February 2024


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