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One of the last famous republics formed by the British Empire is the Republic of Iran in 1979 during the infamous Islamic Revolution of Ayatollah Khomeini – a western agent.

Just as a reminder, republic is a communist political model invented by the British Empire and applied for the first time in North America during the major transformation of the British Empire into the modern era and what gave rise to the United States of America in 1776. So, the first republic in the world was the USA, as a new political outlook of the British Empire.

In this regard, Iran, being a republic, is clearly a political entity under the full control of the British political elite regardless of being presented as a major enemy of the West, a threat to America, or as an independent political player. This is propaganda meant to feed the masses. No one who understands the basics of politics and the history of the British Empire takes this seriously.

In addition, ever since its formation in 1979, the Republic of Iran has been a major destructive and disruptive political factor in the Muslim world. It has fed into the schism of Muslims, into the increase of political disagreements and division of the Islamic Ummah, as well as it has supported around the world groups and movements that have brought only problems and political confusion to many Muslims.

Also, the Republic of Iran has been a devilish and unscrupulous supporter of the destruction of Iraq along with the US Government – the most corrupt political entity in the world. Apart from its bloody games, the Republic of Iran has essentially contributed to the destruction of Syria and Yemen.

The Republic of Iran, factually and verifiably, is a sectarian state, ruled by a corrupt government, and has been a major problem of the Islamic Ummah in the last century. No other Muslim political organization or government has supported the British Empire and the USA in maintaining their control in the Muslim Ummah in the last few decades more than the Republic of Iran.

As a player of vicious games, the Republic of Iran cannot be trusted. It cannot be trusted even though it claims to be an enemy of Israel or the USA. The reality exposes the Government of Iran more than anything else.

This corrupt political entity cannot be trusted because it has been founded by the British Empire and the US Government in 1979, and it is controlled by the CIA. Iran hasn’t fought any war against the USA. It hasn’t caused any damaged to the British Empire. It hasn’t contributed to the political independence of the Muslim Ummah.

Iran is a close friend of America and the UK, and an ardent supporter of Israel; therefore, it can never be trusted. It’s a corrupt and deceptive political power. It is in no way a foe of the US Republic; rather, they are one and together in the mission of causing corruption and destruction in the Muslim Ummah.

The Government of Iran is a puppet of America, and a puppet of the UK.

Sabri Lushi

April 2024


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