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May God protect humanity from the British Secularism

by Kukes Post
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If we were truly aware of the danger of Secularism and Secularist governments, our lifestyle would change completely – we would never let our women go to work, we would send our children only to special schools and with extreme caution, we would increase kinship cohesion and raise our children accordingly, because they are surrounded by a hostile and mafia-like Secularist power.

Secularism is dangerous and all evil. It’s a British occupying political strategy. Its objective is to control and only to control, no matter what it takes to achieve that devilish objective, such as spread of corruption, immorality, financial debt, inflation, dumbification of society, lies, propaganda, destruction of family, divide and conquer, and everything that protects people.

Seriously, if we were only a little bit aware of how dangerous Secularist governments are, we would act differently. Secularist governments are like mafia. They rule through informality and massive espionage. They are not restricted by any moral code or principles.

As a Muslim, all I can say on this Friday is: may God protect humanity from the British Secularism and every Secularist government in the world. May God protect our families, children and our communities from our governments because the biggest threat in our modern time is the government itself, which does not represent the people, but a global devilish occupying elite. They represent the British Empire. The governments that rule us are not our governments, but our enemies; therefore, whoever cooperates secretly with the government as spies and agents, they’ve made a horrible decision. They should not sleep comfortably during the night until they quit their ungodly job.

If anyone wants to cooperate with the government or work for it, that’s fine, but everything should be done formally and transparently. Once the cooperation turns into secret and informal, you’re not in a position to remain upon morality and justice and freedom any longer. You’re transferred into a robot or tool without realizing.

Beware of governments wherever you are for they are our enemies. They don’t represent us. Obey the law, but still stay away from secret cooperation with these evil organizations. Don’t accept favors and money from them because you’ll pay a hefty price.

In the end, dignity, morality, independence, freedom and spiritual peace is much valuable than all the money in the world gained unjustly and through secret cooperation.

Sabri Lushi

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