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A few days ago, the British Monarchy appointed as Scotland’s First Minister someone who is of Pakistani and Muslim origin. While the reason behind this appointment could be as a symbolism to appease Muslims, who are oppressed and who live under the British Secularism, a symbolism which resembles the appointment of the UK’s Prime Minster someone of Indian origin, I would not like to comment on these two individuals, but I would tackle a broader problem, rather a political phenomenon, which has to do directly with the freedom of Muslims in the West and elsewhere.

A century ago, when the whole Europe became united under the British Empire against the Ottoman Empire – the last Muslim caliphate, many Muslims, Arab and non Arab, joined the rows of the enemies. Indeed, one of the reasons which made many Muslims of the Middle East and elsewhere cooperate with the British Empire and the British Monarchy against the Ottoman Empire was the prospect of the British Secularism for the basis of the modern state: where all citizens live in peace, in tolerance, and on top of that, the Secular state would guarantee people the freedom to practice their religion. Otherwise, Muslims would have not cooperated with the British Empire.

As it always happens with pagans and heathens, the British Empire broke the promise. It split Muslims into many countries. It put in power criminals and spies such as Mustafa Kamal, Ahmad Zogu, Enver Hoxha and many other dictators whose role was to oppress Muslims. Then, most of the wars of the British Secularism after WWII have been waged against Muslims of Iraq, Bosnia, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon etc.

The British Secularism had promised the world that it provides the best political model for forming the modern state, in which people are free to practice their religion as well as the Secular state is about to set the best example of tolerance.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. We Muslims are often at odds with the British Secularism as the latter requires us to compromise our core belief in order to survive under the modern state. In other words, the British Secularism, the British Empire, and the British Monarchy have a clear agenda to change our religion and to change our identity in order to live under them.

In the case of the First Minister of Scotland, the man, who made the news as being the first Muslim to hold that position, was explicitly forced by the British media to state publicly that he does not accept core views of Islam related to marriage.

It goes without saying, he was not appointed to apply the Islamic law in Scotland, but at least let certain things remain undisturbed: we have our personal views and the state has its own views. However, this shows how evil the British Secularism is and how intolerant and humiliating the British Monarchy is, which wants Muslims to submit to the barbaric British laws.

Sabri Lushi

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