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Zyrtare: SHBA-të nën akuzën e terrorizmit në Veri të Kosovës – sqaron diplomati serb, Marko Đurić

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Ambasadori serb në Amerikë, Marko Đurić, është prononcuar për median ruse të versionit serbisht, rt.rs, ku ndër të tjera ai është shprehur, që akuzat, se prapa sulmit terrorist në Veri të Kosovës janë SHBA-të, janë absurde. Të njëjtin qëndrim ka mbajtur dhe për vendin e tij, duke i quajtur absurde akuzat ndaj Serbisë.

Nga deklaratat e ambasadorit kuptojmë qartë që akuzat ndaj SHBA-ve janë tashmë në nivel diplomatik të lartë dhe publike. Edhe pse ambasadori nuk i ka cituar saktësisht burimet e akuzave, ai ka nxituar të mbrojë vendin e tij dhe Amerikën, duke zyrtarizuar kështu publikisht dhe ndërkombëtarisht vetë akuzimin se prapa sulmit në Veri të Kosovës kanë qenë qeveria e Serbisë dhe ajo e Amerikës.

Nga ana tjetër dihet publikisht që Albin Kurti dhe çdo zë zyrtar shqiptar ka akuzuar vetëm Serbinë, e jo Amerikën, por ky reagim i çuditshëm dhe aspak i zakonshëm i Đurić ka shënuar një gurë kilometrik në imazhin e ri të Amerikës në Ballkan dhe në rolin e vërtetë të Amerikës në Ballkan, i cili ka qenë terrorizmi dhe vazhdon të jetë po ai rol, terrori dhe vetëm terrorizmi.

Ambasadori serb në Amerikë, Đurić, shkruan në biografinë e tij që ka origjinë hebreje, dhe origjinën e tij nuk e reflekton aspak në deklaratat e tij, dhe besoj që çdo hebre që do të lexojë intervistën e tij do të ndjehet me turp nga paganizmi, injoranca, spiunizmi dhe shpirti komunist që Đurić shpreh në deklaratat e tij në këtë artikull. Më së miri ky mos-reflektim hebre shfaqet në deklaratën e drejtë të tij që Vuçiç ka kërkuar të hetohet gjithçka që ka të bëjë me sulmin terrorist në fjalë, por nga ana tjetër, Đurić, anashkalon hetimet dhe del me vendimin e formës së prerë, të paktën sipas tij, që Amerika dhe Serbia janë të pafajshme.

Gjithsesi Đurić ka bërë punë të mirë, tashmë akuzat se prapa sulmeve terroriste ishin SHBA – të, janë zyrtare dhe publike ndërkombëtarisht. Ndoshta serbët gradualisht do të sqarojnë botën mbarë që Serbia nuk është shtet, por se qeveria e saj është një organizatë terroriste amerikane e zakonshme, e cila merret me gjenocid, vrasje dhe sulme terroriste, sa herë që Amerika ka nevojë – i tillë ishte dhe sulmi i fundit në Veri të Kosovës, një sulm terrorist i urdhëruar nga Amerika dhe i zbatuar nga mercenarët serbë.

Shqiptarët e Kosovës duhet të lexojnë siç duhet deklaratat dhe avokatinë që Đurić i bën Amerikës dhe urgjentisht duhet të intensifikojnë përpjekjet për:

  • Debimin e bazes amerikane ne Kosove.
  • Heqjen e shtatores se Kasapit te Ballkanit, Bill Clinton
  • Doreheqjen e spiunit dhe vegles amerikane, Albin kurti

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Me poshte keni artikullin e Marko Đurić, te perkthyer nga serbishtja me google translate, pra qe mund te kete gabime. Linkun e origjinalit po e vendos gjithashtu me poshte.


Đurić: The claims that the USA or Belgrade are behind the events in Banjska are absurd

Oct 1, 2023 2:57 p.m

| Updated: Oct 1, 2023 2:57 p.m


The Ambassador of Serbia to the USA, Marko Đurić, says that he believes that Serbia and the USA still have one fundamental common interest in Kosovo and Metohija, and that is stability.


The idea that Belgrade is behind the events in Banjska is absurd and meaningless. It is clear to everyone that until that week we watched Albin Kurti destroy the position of the so-called. of independent Kosovo and destroys relations with those international actors who led to its creation, says Serbian Ambassador to the USA Marko Đurić.

We had momentum and additional and far more severe measures against Kurti should have been considered. You can support the Serbian position or be against it, support or be against the current Serbian government, but we will agree that it is not so naive as to shoot itself in the knee, Đurić added.

He points out that the idea that the USA is behind the events in Banjska is just as absurd as the idea that the official Belgrade is behind those events.

“If there is one thing on which we and the Americans agree when it comes to Kosovo, it is the preservation of stability and support for attempts to find solutions through dialogue. When it comes to certain topics of importance for the position of the Serbian community in Kosovo and Metohija, despite the disagreement that we have about the status, the American authorities played a constructive role. The USA, as well as Serbia, definitely do not want another conflict in Europe,” he said in an interview for “Kurir”.

When asked what was the first reaction that came to him regarding the events in Banjska and how different was what you heard from the representatives of Serbia compared to what could be heard from the American side, Đurić said that the reaction of the US was the expected reflex reaction of a large forces that were among the first to support the independence of the so-called Kosovo.

“I believe, however, that Serbia and the USA still have one fundamental common interest in Kosovo and Metohija, and that is stability. For more than 20 months, Albin Kurti worked diligently to provoke a reflex reaction from countries that 15 years ago supported the unilateral secession. The logic is simple – they don’t have to like me or what I do, but at the end of the day they recognized Kosovo as independent, which means that if they want to remain consistent with that strategic decision, they can’t challenge me to do what I want and to present it as sovereignly exercising power on my territory. Even if I dress it up in liberal and democratic rhetoric, only the sky is the limit,” he said.

“All that Kurti needed was, therefore, even the slightest real or imaginary reason to shift all the pressure from himself to the Serbian side. That happened last week and all the supporters of the so-called independent Kosovo welcomed it with relief. The event in Banjska is a great tragedy for Serbia , the Serbian people as a whole, it is very bad for the Albanian people as well , and it is by far the worst for the families of those killed. If it were not for him, however, something else would have been found to serve as a trigger. Kurti’s regime took away Serbs have all collective political and economic rights, and unfortunately, a good part of basic human rights as well. Kurti consciously created all the prerequisites for conflicts and just such events,” adds Đurić.

As he says, official Belgrade is not behind the events in Banjska and Serbia, this was not politically correct at all.

“We want to draw attention back to the terror against the Serbian people, which was further intensified after this tragedy. I would not engage in speculation about the role of foreign services. Belgrade is seeking an independent international investigation into the events in Banjska. We are seeking the cause of death and justice for all those killed. We have reason to believe that Pristina is concealing evidence and manipulating facts,” he said.

He adds that the families of those killed have the right to know what happened.

“The world public should know this as well. If it is true that Bojan Mijailović was executed by a shot to the head from close range after he surrendered, and that the late Afrim Bunjaku was killed by an explosive device, it sheds new light on these events. It is a shame that this must be discussed publicly in this way instead of being dealt with by prosecutors and judges,” he stressed.

He also points out that Kurti’s regime wants to see Kosovo and Metohija without Serbs.

“Everything they do is in the sole function of that. I do not expect humanity from such people. I am sincerely sorry for the death of the Albanian policeman and for our multi-generational conflict in general. People like Kurti want to transfer the wars in their heads to the next generations. Kurti never he should not have sent his armed men to the north. Everyone knows very well what is written in Article 9 of the Brussels Agreement on the presence of the KPS in the North of Kosovo,” he points out.

When asked if he thinks that Pristina can benefit from all of this and whether our people in Kosovo and Metohija should be afraid in this sense in the coming period, bearing in mind that they are already suffering terror from the institutions of Pristina even before this event, he says that Prishtina, that is, Kurti, had been preparing this trap for a long time.

“In the person of Aleksandar Vučić, our people in Kosovo have a hardened and self-sacrificing representative, but also a protector in a strategic sense. The unity and commitment of the whole of Serbia, but also of all its institutions to this issue, is necessary,” he emphasizes.

“There is a big difference between Serbia and the so-called independent Kosovo. Kurti’s regime with its entire apparatus and partial international support lives in conflict with us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is a reality that we have to accept, no matter how much we don’t like it. And let’s fight wisely and stronger than ever. However, many people don’t like the idea that dealing with this topic requires patience and wisdom and effort to improve the whole society. It’s incomparably easier to look for someone to blame,” he points out.

On the statement that many rushed to condemn Belgrade for declaring a day of mourning for the martyred Serbs, he says that they should be ashamed of that.

Commenting on the confirmation that Milan Radoičić, the former vice-president of the Serbian List, who resigned from that post, also participated in the conflict, Đurić says that it is important for the Serbian position that President Aleksandar Vučić said that everyone’s responsibility will be investigated on the Serbian side.

“No one should be outside and above the law, and I mean that sincerely, not as a phrase, on this we stand or fall as a country. I want to share with you the truth regardless of the danger and the intensity of the chase that is being conducted. As someone who for eight years led a dialogue and knows the local conditions, but also the people, I absolutely cannot imagine that Milan Radoičić or other champions of the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija would knowingly and intentionally endanger Serbian interests or the lives of their compatriots and neighbors,” he says.

“I went through a lot with them in Kosovo and Metohija and I stand behind this assessment. These people have fought for the survival of their people for years, sometimes through institutions, sometimes at the barricades, in a by no means normal time and circumstances. I consider it responsible and honorable that Radoičić took responsibility and accepted cooperation with state authorities to establish the truth,” Đurić points out.




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