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Whenever one addresses issues about the history of Albania and its authenticity, or raises questions about its so-called national figures in order to understand the past better, or even calls the past for what it was, such as the British occupation of Albania in 1912, as the science of history is all about raising questions and looking for a better understanding and interpretation of the official history, which always is written by those who execute heroes, the herd of commentators, who lack respect and identity, classically attempt to silence such voices by accusing them as ‘haters of their own country.’

Speaking of patriotism, I would like to give my opinion on what the love for one’s country looks like and how it is manifested. Indeed, the love for one’s country is different from loving stones or statues; it is, in my view, about actions and the truth.

Speaking of patriotism, how is it possible that in Albania elections are commercialized in the most shameful way, where votes during the parliamentary elections are bought as if selling second hand clothing? In other words, Albanians do not vote for a candidate that they believe is going to represent them better, but they sell their votes to the political party that pays them a few extra dollars. Is this the true love for Albania and its national figures? Is this what Albania was declared independent for in 1912?

Speaking of patriotism, how was it possible that Albanians ran away from their own country when the regime opened our borders in 1991? Is this the manifestation of a population who love their own country? Is this the manifestation of people who are nationalists and consider patriotism and nationalism above the love for any other ideology? Whether we like it or not, Albania has suffered the highest percentage of immigration.

Speaking of patriotism, how is it possible that Albanian today has become the country of bribery: there is bribery in schools and universities, in workplaces, in hospitals, people pay money in order to get a job, in order to get a property certificate, in order to get a driving license etc.? Is this the manifestation of nationalism and patriotism?

Speaking of patriotism and history, how is it possible that when we speak about historical figures – if ever existed, who were allegiant to the Vatican, were not wrong, but those who became not soldiers but prime ministers of the Ottoman Empire, who were dozens, were wrong? Ironically, aren’t we the same people that consider those Albanians who became prime ministers, ministers, generals, scholars, and brave soldiers during the Ottoman Empire as ‘servants’ while today we are begging Europe to make Albania a member of EU, but they refuse? Aren’t we endeavoring today to become not prime ministers but mere citizens of EU? Even though Europe has been showing us the middle finger, we still are begging them to become their ‘servants’, but they are refusing. Isn’t this hypocrisy?

Sabri Lushi

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