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The same way as communists lied to the world, this extremist sect of them, the British Empire and its global power has turned out to be a classical lie and a vicious political deception. We are all confronted today by a political mafia which originates from London and continues to be controlled by London, i.e. the British Monarchy.

Through communism, direct colonization, terrorism, wars, divide and conquer, by employing spies and by using traitors, by supporting the most corrupt people in every society, through the spread of a devilish paganist ideology, and eventually by hiding like devils from many aspects of the political arena, the British Empire installed exactly in the world a global order of theirs. They continue to rule the world, and yes, by lies and deception.

Whether you call it republic or monarchy, the politics is dominated not by institutions, such as the parliament, the executive, or the judiciary. The British Empire’s political terminology is merely part of their deception. Nothing has changed. The political power does not belong to chairs or desks, nor does it belong to abstract institutions of power, which, by the way, the British Empire has been trying to convince us for more than a hundred years that this is a completely different political system.

No! The British Empire has lied to us. The American Republic has lied to us. Communists and the monarchic mafia of the British Empire have lied to us and deceived us. Actually the political power today functions and operates exactly, not to say worse than, the medieval tyrants of the western Europe.

Politics has not changed even though the terminology has. The politics of today is controlled classically by a group of concrete people of the British Empire. We know their faces and who and what they represent.

The British Empire and all its puppets and spies and agents all too smartly wiped out the so called mafia, old order, land owners, merchants, kings and governors, the institutions of tribe and family, and surprisingly, they’ve replaced all of these not with abstract institutions, but with people of the British Monarchy – those who exactly continue to hold the global political power in a tyrannical and dictatorial manner.

We are not ruled by elected officials, who purely represent the will of people in a democratic society – God knows whether such a political habitat can exist in reality; rather, we are ruled by the political mafia of the British Monarchy.

Our prime ministers, kings (in some middle eastern countries), emirs, presidents, judges, businessmen, academics, intellectuals, prosecutors, technocrats, diplomats, the propagandists of the media and others are all selected classically by the British and America rulers, whom I would call without hesitation as the godfathers of politics.

The godfathers of London have fought against the old mafia and filled the political power with the new mafia.

Sabri Lushi

January 2024


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