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The American war of independence was not what it apparently claimed to achieve, but the exact opposite. It seems that many people in the New Word starting to grow independent, becoming rich, expanding their farms and families, and perhaps refusing to pay taxes, and getting out of political control.

The war of independence brought actually independent people under a central government. That’s why many Americans opposed the formation of an American federal government. People fought to get rid of the British Empire, yet they ended up under another central power.

The year 1776 did not make the American people more independent, but it was the year when the British Empire consolidated its power in North America.

Besides, the American Republic was a unique political project of the British Empire and a very successful one, which would serve as a blue print for controlling subsequently the entire world.

The American Republic turned the political deception into a formal system. From lack of responsibility, ambiguous laws, despotic judges, corrupt courts of law, fake separation of political power, fake congress, fake elections, to its completely fake political identity, this republic was a prototype which the British Empire would replicate around the world in the coming decades starting with France in 1793.

The big irony is that the American people fought to get their independence of the British Empire, which means less taxes and more economic freedom, yet they ended up soon to become the biggest allies of the evil empire.

Clearly, the war of independence was a British strategy of controlling the American people who were indeed growing increasingly independent, and that was a major concern for the Evil Empire, which accepts anything but freedom.

The war of independence was also a good chance to get rid of any person who was seen as a threat to the consolidation of power of the British Empire. Therefore, the American founding fathers such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison were no more than vicious spies and agents of King George. They were undercover spies whose mission was to get rid of the new class of rich people.

A republic founded on lies, deception, lack of transparency, led by traitors and liars and spies, America has been very harmful to the world. Its role continues to create havoc on the human society. America is a country without a genuine political identity. It is a model of espionage, lies, undercover agents, and lack of morality.

America has no morality, as it is the case with spies and agents, because it is the embodiment of the spy model.

The American Republic has never been independent of the British Empire. Never! Rather, it has been a lapdog of this evil empire, fighting wars – killing people and destroying places, in the name of a king or an empire that they thought were independent of.

Sabri Lushi

February 2024


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