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As any other US president, Trump is an agent and sworn servant of the British Monarchy

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It’s unbelievable and disgusting how the former president of the Clown Republic of the USA, Donald Trump, accuses the mediocre and the ordinary George Soros for standing behind the political attack against him. Not only is this a humiliation and disrespect for the American people, but also this shows that Trump is the best example of a person who comes from the deep state and the corrupt establishment. By playing such an immoral and deceptive game to appear as a political dissenter and as a hero, yet his antagonist is none other than the typical joke George Soros, this shows that Trump is no different than others. He’s doing everything to deceive the American people, to satisfy the demand of the political market, which is a need for a true and honest leader, a fake and fraudulent product, such as Trump himself.

The truth about Trump is the elephant in the room. He is the most representative of the deep state and swamp. In a country where independent people are not allowed to even have a simple decent job unless they are spies, Trump claims to be “the outsider” while being a multi billionaire.

As any other US president, Trump is an agent and sworn servant of the British Monarchy. The US Republic has never been independent. In fact, a republic can never be independent. It’s just a political mechanism that functions under the British Empire.

In any case, this question would be fair for Trump if he’s not a British agent and if he claims to be an outsider:

If you are serious about Soros – this distractive name, and if you believe that he has power, that he’s the enemy of your country, that he is corrupt, why didn’t you execute him when you were the US President, for God’s sake?

You had the power. You were the president of an independent country. You were the leader of the most powerful country in the world. Why didn’t you arrest Soros? Why didn’t you hang him for political crimes? For being the enemy and traitor of the American people?

Either you’re a liar, so Soros is Mr. nothing – he’s just a name to distract and mock the public, which is the case actually, or you – as US president, had no power to do anything against the enemies because the US president is and must be a British puppet, or you’re both: a liar and powerless as president.

Nevertheless, it’s a shame how the US Republic is no more than a British colony, yet it has deceived the whole world to this very day, by serving as a political model.

The American people deserve better. They deserve a true leader, not an agent of the British Monarchy.

Sabri Lushi

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