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As this year is coming to its end, the world is bleeding, Muslims are suffering, the political tyranny of the west is showing its barbaric face more than ever, the concentration of the economy in the hands of the Secular governments is causing the death of millions of people each year while America has been a single-handed threat to peace, prosperity, and order.

Yet, in 2024, nothing is expected to change. The American Republic – the biggest lie of human history, will continue to pose the greatest threat to us all, including the American people themselves.

The American Republic is a threat to peace as it is a political entity founded on the concept of secrecy and deception. This political monster lacks accountability, morality, maturity, and human values. This republic is not restrained by moral principles, but it is guided by evil and pragmatist instincts; therefore, war is the most beloved activity of this beast. It finds pleasure in wars and blood, like the ancient pagans.

America is a destructive power. It destroys what others build. It exploits what others own. It ruins what others settle. It takes pleasure in what normal humans find it horrible. America kills.

America will continue to sponsor more terrorist groups, more dictators, more corrupt people, and more criminals around the world. America is the ally of terrorists and criminals. Whenever you see a criminal, you’re potentially seeing an ally of America or a CIA agent.

Speaking of the CIA, this terrorist organization will continue to cause havoc with its evil and malicious activity. It is a large and ruthless organization. Its membership includes politicians, presidents, kings, prime ministers, ambassadors, judges, emirs, diplomats, terrorists, criminals, religious figures etc.

Although we all hope for a better 2024, more peace, a more prosperous economy, more justice, more stability, fewer people killed, more political rights for Muslims, the existence of America in the picture makes everything grim and bleak.

As long as America breathes, the world will suffer because this republic resembles a beast, which is powerful unfortunately, but it uses its power irresponsibly. The American Republic revolves around the concept of avoiding responsibility and accountability.

America is the republic of lies, deception, secrecy, the entity which lacks morality, and the republic of the CIA – the biggest and the most dangerous terrorist organization of human race. This is exactly what makes America dangerous.

If there is one single awful thing that the British Empire brought to the world, that is the American Republic – a political system which operates on lies, deception, and secrecy.

As long as the American Republic – the invention of the British Empire, breathes, we all are threatened, and worse days are yet to come for us, sadly.

I conclude by wishing peace for everyone, including the American people.

Sabri Lushi

December 30, 2024


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