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As an Albanian citizen, born and grown up in Albania, as well as learned and studied in its schools and universities, I’ve always noticed that there is something wrong with our society and politics, as if there were two parallel narratives about our history, as if children are taught a completely false history, as if the new generation is exposed carefully to a fake reality manufactured by the politics, something which renders the young Albanians vulnerable and susceptible to political agendas which push them the opposite direction they are heading two – moving against the actual stream of the political agendas, as if applying the effort on the opposite side of the lever.

Speaking from the personal experience, I can say that there is so much political and social confusion, and what’s worse, people make decisions based on wrong assumptions. The youth have no idea who is ruling them and what the political agendas are. Parents send their young children to school thinking that they are making the best investment for them without knowing what the educational agendas are. Students go to university assuming that they are doing the right thing – sacrificing time and money for the future, without asking some fundamental questions about the future of employment and who controls jobs.

Likewise, people used to build houses without a construction permit, not considering the fact that they are making the wrong investment. Even today, a great amount of the remittances coming from Albanian immigrants goes to waste.

In my view, the big confusion and the chaos have a very simple explanation. Albania was occupied in 1912 by the British Empire. Given the fact that Albanians were one of the most important people of the Ottoman Empire, they were the major target of the Evil British Empire. At the same time, we should not forget the fact that, under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Pasha, Albanians had defeated the British army in Egypt a century before.

It is only understandable that the British Empire had its revenge, so 1912 was just the beginning of a dark chapter against Albanians, who were not only split into many countries in the Balkans, but they had to go through genocidal wars and political oppression.

In short, we are not taught in Albania that we are under the British occupation, that our people continue to pay a hefty price because of our past, that our government is at the service of the British enemy, that when we go to school or university, we are literally going to the schools of our enemy, yet we are so oblivious of this very fact. The reason why there is so much corruption, chaos, injustice, and political oppression is precisely because that’s the British agenda for our people. We might be stupid and oblivious, but the Evil Empire is not. It will not change its agendas against us until we wake up. This is what our teachers and parents are afraid of teaching us.

Sabri Lushi

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