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Even though the Balkan Peninsula has an area of approximately 470,000 km2, less than France or Spain or the Province of Alberta, Canada, or slightly more than Germany or Poland, it currently consists of 11 countries, but the number could increase with more independent countries, such as Republika Srpska and North Kosovo.

It seems that the balkanization of the Balkans, a term which was coined by the British Empire to outline its policies regarding the occupation of this region, has not ended yet. However, the question which begs itself is: why did the British Empire split this relatively small region into so many countries? Why do the British Empire and the US Government incite permanent conflicts in this region?

First of all, it is crucially important to underline the fact that the Balkans does not have a more complicated diversity of population than France, Germany, Spain, Italy or Mexico, for example. On the contrary, I would argue that the Balkan population is culturally and racially very homogeneous. If an Albanian, a Greek and a Serbian in Canada or the USA meet with someone of Indian origin, the latter would definitely classify them as belonging to the same ethnic group, as they look the same, they show similar cultural traits and their languages have very similar linguistic phonemes and intonation even though they’re not mutually intelligible, similar to the dialects of Germany.

Nevertheless, there is one important element which made the British Empire split this region into many separate countries, that is, the religion of Islam. After the collapse of the political power of Muslims in Spain and the massive expulsion of them from it, Islam did not leave the continent; rather, it flourished in the Balkans.

Not only was the dream of the western Europe to clear the continent from Islam not achieved, but Muslims became an even more powerful political power once the Ottoman Empire took control of the Balkans. The Peninsula soon became of Muslim majority and they were a political power to be reckoned with.

When the Balkans was occupied by the British Empire at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, it had one mission: to achieve the old dream: expel Islam from the continent; therefore, Muslims of the Balkans were to be killed, persecuted, murdered, and split into many countries so they would live as minorities. It is not a coincidence that WWI and WWII were heavily focused on this region. The mission of the British Evil Empire to expel Islam from the continent has not been accomplished yet, so the Balkan Muslims will continue to be threatened by the US Government and the British Empire until the last of them is expelled or killed.

The British Empire and the US Government are the biggest enemies of Islam and Muslims, especially of the European Muslims.

Sabri Lushi

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