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The modern history and the rise of the British Empire cannot be understood properly without understanding before the formation of the US Republic, which was a communist project and the first major step of the British Monarchy for the world’s domination. Again, the US Republic was a serious project of the British Monarchy, and it has proven to be a very successful one in terms of control.

Some would argue that the key to the economic success of the British Monarchy in North America was slavery and the exploitation of human beings. Being restricted by no moral principles and human compassion, the British pagans started the business of stealing free human beings – free sons and daughters, from Africa and shipping them to North America.

There is no doubt that this inhumane and genocidal activity marks a total degradation of human dignity. Free people were literally stolen and kidnapped forcefully, chained, and shipped to North America in a way that today even wood logs, let alone animals, are transported more carefully. Millions of people were killed, millions of others were thrown into the Atlantic Ocean, and a fraction of them would arrive alive in the New World. The majority of them were Muslims.

What the British Monarchy did in Africa was not slavery. It was unfettered exploitation and a violation of the most basic human dignity, like a beast that kills thousands of animals just for drinking their blood – massive waste from an economic perspective. However, the British Empire benefited a great deal from this inhumane activity, and perhaps soon it rose to the top of the economic prosperity. The taste of human exploitation became addictive for the British Empire.

Almost a hundred years after the formation of the US Republic, the British Empire couldn’t resist any longer the process of enslavement expansion. It was time to increase the number of slaves. This led to the bloody war between many American people – who might have prosper during that time, and the British Empire, which was represented by the greatest agent in the American history, namely, Abraham Lincoln – a direct spy and puppet of the British Monarchy.

The war had a simple un-proclaimed motto: the Empire needs more slaves.

That’s what happened. Abraham Lincoln won the war, and the British enslavement started a new modern chapter.

For those who don’t exactly know what slavery is: it is an economic system which discriminates people in terms of decision making. Those members of the society who practically have no right to make decisions, and consequently, they cannot own, conduct business, participate in real politics, and marry freely are called slaves – which more or less is the condition of the vast majority of people in the world today, which is controlled by the British Empire.

Communism, democracy, deceptive elections, and fake parliaments are mechanisms of concealing this on mass enslavement.

Sabri Lushi

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